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Lead Service Line Inventory Update

For Community and Non-Transient Non-Community (NTNC) water systems, the recent buzz has been about Lead Service Line Inventories. With the Lead and Copper Rule revisions adopted in December 2021, a service line inventory is required for all connections to Community and NTNC public drinking water systems. The inventory must include the following:

  • All service lines

    • System owned

    • Privately owned

    • Non-potable (i.e., fire suppression)

  • Service line location

    • Address or coordinates

    • Material Classification

      • Lead

      • Galvanized Requiring Replacement (GRR), (GRR = Galvanized lines downstream or at some point were downstream of lead lines),

      • Non-Lead

      • Lead Status Unknown

The State of New Hampshire has identified funding eligibility and has contacted water systems directly. Depending on the water system size, three levels of funding are available to assist with completing the inventory. For systems with less than 7,000 users up to $50,000 in grant funds is available, for systems with between 7,000 and 20,000 users, up to $75,000 is available and for system with over 20,000 users, up to $100,000 is available.

The State of Vermont just updated their funding eligibility and for systems with up to 120% of the State MHI and over 250 connections or a population of 1,000 the first $100,000 will be provided as 100% grant with additional funding provided at 50% grant. Small systems will be assisted by a contractor hired directly by the State.

Feel free to contact us with questions about Lead Service Line Inventories.


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