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Water System Modeling

Multiple Locations

Dufresne Group (DG) has extensive experience in analysis of water systems utilizing computer programs to simulate system hydraulics.  DG has thorough knowledge of the steps necessary for successful water modeling, including computer model development, model calibration/refinement methods, analysis, presentation of results and graphic interfacing with AutoCAD and GIS basemaps.  DG has utilized water system models to perform various types of analysis and evaluation as follows:


  • Identify water system deficiencies and evaluate solutions for the deficiencies.

  • Assess water system capabilities including fire flow availability, tank turnover, and pump electrical costs.

  • Evaluate system improvements including water main extensions, new water storage tanks or pressure regulating valves.

  • Compile a system database of water main size, material, age and internal condition.

  • Analyze water age throughout the distribution system.

Key Features

Water Models Developed For:

· Barre, VT

· Bellows Falls, VT

· Bennington, VT

· Brattleboro, VT

· Burke Mountain, VT

· Carroll, NH

· Champlain Water District (CWD)

· Chester, VT

· Claremont, NH

· Coventry, VT

· Danville Fire District 1, VT

· Eastridge Acres Water System, VT

· Hyde Park, VT

· Jeffersonville, VT

· Keene, NH

· Ludlow, VT

· Manchester, VT

· Montpelier, VT

· Murray Hill Water System, VT

· Pembroke, NH

· Peterborough, NH

· Randolph Fire District, VT

· Quechee, VT

· South Royalton, VT

· Springfield, VT

· St. Johnsbury, VT

· Waterbury, VT

· Windsor, VT

· Woodsville, NH

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