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Water System Improvements

Hyde Park, VT

A water system evaluation report prepared by Dufresne Group in 2018 identified several deficiencies within the Village of Hyde Park water system, including low pressures during fire flow conditions and aged infrastructure.  The report identified approximately 11,700 linear feet of water main as deficient and developed two phases of water main replacement projects to address the deficiencies.


The first phase of improvements was designed in 2019 and constructed in 2020-2021.  This phase of the project included the following improvements:


  • Main Street & West Main Street Water Main (2,300 feet)

  • Church Street Water Main (1,100 feet)

  • Eden Street Water Main (1,250 feet)

  • Fitch Hill Water Main (5,100 feet)

  • Fitch Hill Pump Station Upgrades; including electrical, backup power, and pumping upgrades.

  • Source Treatment Building Improvements; including backup power and source control improvements.

  • Flushing hydrants along transmission main.


The total project cost of the improvements is approximately $4 million. 

Key Features

  • Replacement of over 9,700 linear feet of water main on four different streets.

  • Upgrades to an existing water booster pump station and elimination of customer owned pumping systems. Fire flow pumping incorporated in the upgrade.

  • Jack and bore water main installation to cross State Route 15.

Karen Wescom, Village Clerk
344 VT Route 15 West, PO Box 400
Hyde Park, VT 05655
Phone: 802.888.2310

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