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Water and Wastewater Study

East & West Burke Villages, VT

In 2017, residents of Burke went through a visioning process to identify goals for the Town.  Residents formed a group called One Burke to help study the issues that the community identified.  The need for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements to support both East Burke Village and West Burke Village was identified, and a committee within One Burke was established to focus on Village Infrastructure.  In the following year, One Burke brought on Dufresne Group to assist in their study of the Village’s needs.


The project is funded by a combination of sources.  The State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) applied for and was awarded a Northern Borders Regional Commission (NBRC) grant, a Regional Planning Advance from the DEC, and a grant from USDA Rural Development.  Additional funding in the form of a Municipal Planning grant has also recently been secured to assist with a Visioning and Economic Development study.


For small Villages like East Burke and West Burke, a community water and/or wastewater system can be very beneficial.  Many Vermont Villages were established long before adequate separation of water supplies and wastewater disposal systems was a consideration.  While the private systems have been sufficient for a long time, in many Villages the reliance on private wells and septic systems is severely limiting potential expansion and growth for both current and future residents and businesses.  In establishing community systems, Villages may have greater freedom with what they can do with the property within their boundaries.


Dufresne Group and One Burke have been working to compile information on existing systems, potential solutions, and gauging public interest in order to put together a cohesive report on the best solutions for the community in West Burke.  Methods used include an information gathering survey, GIS mapping, a potential water source review, a potential siting of a wastewater disposal system, and public meetings.  Going forward, Dufresne Group and One Burke will repeat the process to assess the needs of East Burke.

Key Features

  • Multiple grant funding sources: NBRC grant, Regional Planning Advance from the DEC, USDA Rural Development Grant

  • Visioning and Economic Development study, funded by grants, being completed for West Burke to identify the goals for the Village.

Mike Harris
Chair, One Burke Village Revitalization Task Force

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