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Wastewater Treatment Replacement

Hyde Park, Vermont

The Village of Hyde Park replaced its 40-year old onsite wastewater disposal system with a new system incorporating a textile filter preceding pressure distribution disposal fields. Preliminary treatment is provided by a 10,000 gallon septic tank followed by a 20,000 gallon anoxic tank. Wastewater is then pumped to AdvanTex modular filter units, supplied by Orenco, for treatment before final disposal to two alternating fields. The fields each have ten 94 ft long laterals.

N. A. Manosh constructed the treatment system upgrade, a pump station replacement and rehabilitation of the septic facilities at the Village’s second onsite wastewater disposal area. Project funding was provided by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

The project provides capacity for future growth within the Village sewer service area and resolves all deficiencies in the existing wastewater treatment systems. The comprehensive project also included televised inspection of the entire sewer collection system, which identified relatively minor deficiencies to resolve under the Village’s Long Range Plan.

Key Features

  • A recirculating filter maximizes the capacity of the proposed replacement field by allowing triple the standard application rate.

  • The project scope was expanded to include replacement of a failed pump station.

  • The project was funded with a 50% subsidy through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

Karen Wescom, Village Clerk,
Hyde Park Water & Light
P.O. Box 400
Hyde Park, VT 05655
Phone: 802.888.2310

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