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Municipal Public Works Garage

Lyndon, VT

The Town of Lyndon and Village of Lyndonville public works departments operated out of separate facilities for decades. The Town and Village had looked at several properties over the years for a possible joint public works facility but had not found a suitable property. In 2015, the Town identified a property that may be suitable for a new public works facility.


The property was a former manufacturing facility that would require expansion to meet the needs of the Town and Village. Dufresne Group assisted the Town with evaluation of this property by developing alternative building layouts and site plans, identifying of permitting requirements and providing preliminary cost estimates.


After the property was purchased, Dufresne Group provided site and utility design, permitting and construction services assistance.  In addition to permitting for utility extensions, DG worked closed with the local Act 250 Coordinator to complete a permit amendment. This was required because the existing site was used for manufacturing and the use of the site changed.

Key Features

  • The increase in impervious area would require stormwater treatment and permitting.

  • The site is on the narrow ridge of a hill that required evaluation of truck turning movements to ensure the large equipment could access all the garage bays.

  • DG assisted with obtaining Community Facilities funding from USDA Rural Development for a generator to provide backup power to the Public Works garage.

Justin Smith,
Municipal Administrator
PO Box 167
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Phone: 802.626.5834

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