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Mackville Road Reconstruction Project

Hardwick, VT

Mackville Road provides access to many residential properties and serves as the main gateway to Mackville Village.  Mackville Road has been a treacherous section of roadway due to poor conditions.  Poor subgrade materials and inadequate drainage in many locations were large contributing factors to the deterioration of the road.


The Mackville Road Reconstruction project incorporated both reclaimed road reconstruction and full depth road reconstruction methods.  The project’s original design was for 3,850 lf of full depth road reconstruction including 18 inches of gravel, drainage improvements and 4 inches of asphalt.  Due to funding constraints, DG worked closely with the Town to develop alternatives for full and partial depth reconstruction methods.


Storm drain system modifications included rehabilitating existing catch basins, installing new catch basins, installing new 18-inch HDPE culverts, and installing stone check dams along the roadway.

Key Features

  • The project included 1,100 lf of full depth road reconstruction, 525 lf of reclaimed road reconstruction, and 2,325 lf of reclaimed road with subbase reconstruction.

  • Replaced existing undersized 15-inch storm drain and culverts with 18-inch HDPE.

  • Installed new storm drain features such as catch basins and stone check dams.

  • Reshaped drainage swales to provide adequate drainage for stormwater runoff.

Jon Jewett, Town Manager
P.O. Box 523
Hardwick, VT 05843
Phone: 802.476.6120

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