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Community Wastewater Feasibility Study

Londonderry, Vermont

The Town of Londonderry identified water and wastewater as one of the limiting factors for economic and community development within their two villages. The North Village is densely developed along North Main Street with several parcels located within the floodplain. The uses include a mix of residential and commercial. The South Village is mostly residential with small lot sizes along Main Street. However, there are a few commercial buildings that have significant use limitations due to the existing water/wastewater conditions.

The study evaluated the need for wastewater solutions in both villages and identified priority areas within the study areas. Priority rankings were based on several factors including deficiencies, capacity, use, lot size, floodplain, and soils. The alternatives focused on decentralized wastewater in the priority areas.

In the North Village, a Town-owned property was identified to accommodate approximately 6,500 gallons per day (gpd) of wastewater disposal using a mound system. Since the need is greater than 6,500 gpd, the study discusses increasing the capacity existing septic systems along the north side of North Main Street by adding pretreatment and connecting properties in the floodplain to shared systems on the north side of the road.

In the South Village, a parcel was identified to potentially accommodate the entire priority area utilizing a mound system and discussions are ongoing regarding property acquisition.

Key Features

  • Identified potential wastewater solutions for two villages.

  • Prioritization of parcels within the study area included existing deficiencies, inadequate capacity, use, lot size, floodplain, soils

  • Solutions focused on decentralized wastewater, using new mound systems and increasing capacity in existing septic systems by adding pretreatment.

  • Alternatives prioritized eliminating septic systems in the floodplain.

  • Study was funded by the Engineering Planning Advance program.

Shane O’Keefe, Town Administrator
Town of Londonderry
100 Old School Street
Londonderry, VT 05155
Phone: (802) 824-3356

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