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Asset Management Plans, VT & NH

Multiple Locations

Asset Management (AM) is defined by the EPA as “maintaining a desired level of service for what you want your assets to provide at the lowest life-cycle cost.”  AM provides structure and assistance in operating, maintaining, upgrading and replacing assets in a cost-effective manner.  For municipalities, it can be implemented for water, wastewater, stormwater and transportation infrastructure.  Once an AM program is developed, the municipality will have an inventory of their assets, including the condition of each asset, as well as a comprehensive picture of what assets are most critical at any given time, which will allow communities to plan for repairs and replacements.  The ultimate goal of AM is to shift from ‘reactive’ management to ‘proactive’ management.


Dufresne Group has completed AM Plans for several towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.  Most of these projects are funded by Vermont’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the New Hampshire Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau.


A complete AM plan includes inventorying and mapping assets; performing condition assessments and risk assessments for the inventoried assets; and developing level of service goals, replacement costs, project prioritization, and capital improvement plans.

Key Features


· Antrim, NH Water Treatment & Distribution

· Barre City, VT Water Treatment

· Barre City, VT Water Distribution

· Bellows Falls, VT Water Distribution

· Bellows Falls, VT Water Treatment

· Bennington, NH Water Treatment & Distribution

· Brattleboro, VT Water Distribution

· Brattleboro, VT Water Treatment

· Carroll, NH Water Distribution

· Chester, VT Stormwater

· Hancock, NH Water Distribution

· Johnson, VT Water Treatment & Distribution

· Littleton, NH Wastewater Collection

· Manchester, VT Wastewater Collection

· Manchester, VT Water Distribution

· Montpelier, VT Water Distribution

· Northfield, VT Water Distribution

· Putney, VT Wastewater

· Randolph, VT Water Distribution

· Sullivan County Complex, NH Water Treatment & Distribution

· St. Johnsbury, VT Water Distribution

· Woodsville, NH Water Treatment

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