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The two giant screw pumps at the Saint Johnsbury's wastewater treatment facility were replaced in early December of 2016. After 26 years of use, Saint Johnsbury is in the final stages of replacing the influent screw pumps that lift raw wastewater up to the treatment facility. The pumps are each capable of lifting 6.9 mgd of raw wastewater at times containing bricks and concrete blocks at an amazing 90% efficiency. According to Evoqua, the pump manufacturer, the new pumps will provide 30% increased capacity as the old pumps had deteriorated over the past decades. The low bidder for the work was Kingsbury Construction at a contract cost of $719,906.00. The project was designed by Naomi Johnson at Dufresne Group. Naomi indicates that is the first phase of a major wastewater treatment facility upgrade project. The second phase will include installation of fine screens and anaerobic digester improvements with an overall total project cost of $4,000,000. Funding for the project is provided by wastewater system customers and grants from USDA Rural Development.

St J Screw Pump

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