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Asset Management (AM) is defined by the EPA as “maintaining a desired level of service for what you want your assets to provide at the lowest life-cycle cost.” AM provides structure and assistance in operating, maintaining, upgrading, and replacing assets in a cost effective manner. It can be implemented for water, wastewater, stormwater, and/or transportation infrastructure. Once an AM program is developed, the community will have an inventory of their assets, including the condition of each asset, as well as a comprehensive picture of what assets are most critical at any given time, which will allow communities to plan for repairs and replacements. The ultimate goal of AM is to shift from “reactive” management to “proactive” management.

The Vermont Drinking Water State Revolving Fund has implemented funding incentives for water systems that participate in AM. These incentives include planning loan forgiveness for projects stemming from an approved AM program and award of additional priority points to Community Water Systems seeking a construction loan for improvements identified using an AM program. In addition, Vermont is offering a $20,000 grant with a 30% match to assist water systems with developing water AM programs. New Hampshire offers a 50% matching grant to assist communities with developing AM programs.

Christina Haskins, Tim Knapp and Brian Baker are currently attending the Vermont Drinking Water Asset Management Workshop alongside operators and managers from various water systems around Vermont. This workshop consists of four full day classes that provide an introduction to AM concepts. Additionally, Andrea Day recently attended a one-day Asset Management Workshop in New Hampshire. Upon completion of these workshops, Christina, Tim, Brian and Andrea will be able to explain the benefits of AM and guide municipalities through the process of developing and utilizing an AM program. They will also be able to provide guidance on funding incentives and opportunities related to AM.

If you are interested in learning more about Asset Management, please contact Christina Haskins at chaskins@dufresnegroup.com or Andrea Day at aday@dufresnegroup.com.

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