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On August 6, 2013, the Norwich Fire District (in Norwich, VT) water system source pump station was compromised by fire. The fire left the station with over $500,000 in damage including burned out equipment, no roof, and most importantly no water supply to the water system customers for 3 days. Dufresne Group assisted the Fire District in developing temporary measures to ensure continued operation at the pump station while permanent solutions and improvements were developed.

Over the next several months, Dufresne Group worked with the Norwich Fire District officials to develop construction documents for permanent improvements at the pump station. The improvements include:

  • Improved piping layout to include surge anticipation and pressure relief, and capabilities for flushing one well while maintaining service in the other.
  • Demolition of a “doghouse” addition at the rear of the pump station, and relocation of piping into the main building.
  • Addition of variable frequency drive (VFD) control on both wells, which allowed for removal of the existing PARCO valve.
  • New electrical and lighting throughout the building.
  • New LP-gas fired backup generator located outside building.
  • New roof structure with pump manway over well #1.
  • Mechanical components including heaters and ventilation.
  • New fire proof structure components including metal siding; door replacement with added security; and new wall, ceiling, and floor finishes.

Bids for the pump station improvements were received in May 2013. All Seasons Construction, Inc of Springfield, Vermont was the low bidder. Construction at the pump station began in early September 2014 and final completion is anticipated in Spring 2015. Dufresne Group has worked with All Seasons Construction on two past pump station projects; the Bible Hill Pump Station in Claremont, NH in 2007, and the Commonwealth Dairy Booster Pump Station in Brattleboro, VT in 2012.

Below are photographs of the Norwich source pump station during the August 2013 fire and after temporary measures were in place.

During 2013 Fire

Post Temporary Work

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