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St. Johnsbury water system featured in the Journal of the New England Water Works Association


RED Dufresne, Vermont Director NEWWA and President of Dufresne Group with the assistance of Dan Gray, Chief Operator of the St Johnsbury Water System recently developed a water system article which will be published in the June 2014 issue of the Journal of the New England Water Works Association. This article highlight the past of the St. Johnsbury water system as well as discussion of the $32,000,000 that has been spent for infrastructure improvements.

Click the links below to reads the components of the article:

Cover: VIEW

"On the Cover": VIEW
excerpt: "...The cover photo shows the new 0.5 million gallon glass fused-to-steel clearwell at the Saint Johnsbury, Vermont Water Treatment Facility west of Stiles Pond. Stiles Pond is located in Waterford, Vermont and serves as the surface source of supply for the Town of Saint Johnsbury. The Saint Johnsbury water system fulfilled a key role in the development of Saint Johnsbury and continues to provide a vital role today. Saint Johnsbury provides high quality water for the production of insulation materials used in the high tech electronic transformer industry for Weidmann Electrical Technology; one of Saint Johnsbury’s largest customers and the area’s largest employer..."

"Water System Profile": VIEW
excerpt: "...The Aqueduct Company was soon taken over by the directors of E&T Fairbanks Company and in 1861; a 6-inch pump log line was installed to Hale Springs for additional fire protection for the expanding Fairbanks Scale complex. The Aqueduct Company continued to implement huge infrastructure expansions through the next five decades using only locally funded capitalization methods..."

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