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Dufresne Group Selected for Danville Sidewalk Scoping Study


The Town of Danville has chosen Dufresne Group through a qualification based selection process to begin their next sidewalk project. The scoping study phase of this project will include public informational meetings, archeological, historical, and environmental review of the project area, and work with the Town of Danville to develop alternatives to meet town needs, and choose a preferred alternative for a sidewalk and bicycle path to connect the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail to the Town Center.

Dufresne Group will be working with Kevin Gadapee, and Wendy Somers of the Town of Danville, as well as Tim Ruggles, PE, the Local Project Manager, Shane Clark of Truline Survey and Nancy Avery of VTrans for completion of this phase of the project. The Town of Danville has secured a grant from VTrans for this phase of the project. Upon completion of the scoping study the Town will determine project costs and benefits and will determine if they wish to proceed to Final Design and into construction using the VTrans LTF program.

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