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DG Selected for NRCD Stormwater Treatment Project


Dufresne Group has recently been selected to complete the Western Avenue Outfall Stormwater Treatment Preliminary Engineering Report by the Caledonia County Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCD). Kerry O’Brien, District Manager for the NRCD has been working with the State of Vermont Watershed Management Division and Towns throughout Caledonia County to obtain grant funding for eligible stormwater treatment projects, including the project in St Johnsbury.

Although the work for elimination of combined sewer overflows is regarded as a high priority for the protection of St Johnsbury’s streams, the requirement for separation can result in other water quality issues. Smaller stormwater flows which currently are treated at the Wastewater Treatment Facility will enter the stream with no treatment upon completion of the separation. The initial runoff from streets carries heavy sediment as well as high levels of oils and heavy metals. Plans for the Westside Infrastructure Improvement project currently underway include the installation of stormwater treatment, but the volume of treatment is limited. One option evaluated will be to increase the capacity of this unit to provide more treatment than regulations require.

DG is excited to be a part of the NRCD project as it will provide additional protection to the Sleepers River, and we believe will have a measurable positive impact on this watershed.

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