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Pipe Bursting AC Pipe in Bellows Falls


Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of pipe replacement that allows for a new pipe of the same or larger diameter to be installed without the need for significant excavation. Pipe bursting has been utilized for many years throughout the country to replace cast iron, ductile iron and plastic pipes. Asbestos cement pipe has always been excluded from pipe bursting due to EPA regulations. However, in recent years, a few individual states have approved pipe bursting as a method of replacing asbestos cement pipes. In 2017, Vermont became one of the first few states to approve pipe bursting through a demonstration project in Bellows Falls, VT.

In Fall of 2017, Christina Haskins, PE, project manager for the Bellows Falls project published an article in Northeast Journal of Trenchless Technology Practices. The article, which describes the methods used for the project and the many benefits realized by the Village of Bellows Falls, can be found here.

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