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Brattleboro VT Water Treatment Facility Construction


The replacement of the Pleasant Valley Water Treatment Facility in Brattleboro, VT began in July 2021. The current treatment building was constructed in 1989 with a design capacity of 3.0 MGD utilizing three Trident® adsorption clarifier/filter units. In 2011, a regulatory change reduced the permitted capacity to 2.0 MGD. The current construction project will restore the original 3.0 MGD capacity by adding a fourth filter unit. The project includes a new, larger treatment building, with two new filter units and two rehabilitated filter units, all new chemical feed systems, new raw water pumps, new finished water pumps and new controls and SCADA throughout the treatment and distribution systems. The total project cost is $14.2 million, based on a bid of $11,999,500.

There was a significant amount of temporary utility relocation work required at the start of the project, including temporary piping connections, relocation of the primary electrical service and transformer, and relocation of the generator. This allows for the existing treatment building to remain operational during the construction of the new building approximately 10-15 feet away from the existing building. Once temporary relocations were completed, site work and yard piping got underway with significant regrading of the site to prepare the building site. The building foundation work began in late fall 2021, with a winter shutdown in January 2022. Work is expected to restart in early April 2022 to complete the building foundation and underslab piping. The new treatment building is currently scheduled for startup in fall 2022, with two new filter units installed. Once the new building is online with the two new filters, the existing building will be taken offline and two of the old filters will be rehabilitated and moved into the new building. The project is expected to be substantially complete in spring 2023. The project is funded through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund with an approximate subsidy of 40% and will also receive rebates through Efficiency Vermont and Green Mountain Power for the innovative heating system and reduction of fossil fuel use.

Aerial Photo During Construction 2021

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