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Dufresne Group completed the construction and startup of three water booster pump station between the summer of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Information on the pump stations are shown below:

Overcliff Pump Station (St. Johnsbury, Vermont) view photo

Constructed to boost pressure in the Overcliff zone to eliminate the need for customers to have individual booster pump systems. The package booster pump system includes two 3 hp pumps and two 7.5 hp higher service/fire pumps. This station has a standby generator within the building and has the capabilities to feed chlorine as needed.

Breezy Hill Pump Station (St. Johnsbury, Vermont) view photo

This project included the upgrade of the existing 40 hp horizontal split case pumps and MCC with new 75 hp horizontal split case pumps and new MCC with pump soft starts. The pumps were upgraded to accommodate pumping to the new Airport Tank that has an overflow elevation 37.12 feet higher than the old tank that it replaced. The project also included a new electrical service and new switchgear including a transfer switch for the new outside standby generator. There was also an addition built on the existing building to house the new chlorine feed equipment.

Commonwealth Dairy Pump Station (Brattleboro, Vermont) view photo

This pump station houses one 2 hp jockey pump, two 20 hp domestic booster pumps, and two 100 hp fire pumps to boost water from the Brattleboro Water System to the Commonwealth Dairy facility for fire protection and process operations. The pumps are controlled using variable frequency drives to prevent sudden starts or stops. This station has an exterior standby generator with automatic transfer switch and has the capabilities to feed chlorine as needed. The project also included the addition of SCADA equipment at this station to provide data from the pump station to be sent to a central location in Brattleboro.

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